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Under especially clear, dark skies, the galaxy M33 is just visible to the naked eye. At three million light-years, it is one of the farthest objects visible to the eye alone. Look for the Moon high in the sky at first light tomorrow.

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Regulus, the bright star that marks the heart of Leo, the lion, will stand to the lower left of the Moon. First Nov.

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Last Nov. New Nov. Skip to main content. November Gemini Twins. November Moon and Aldebaran.

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November Summer Reminder. November Leonid Meteors. November Triangulum.

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November Triangulum Galaxy. November Moon and Regulus. Their greatest quality is their ability to assess their true position and all the little steps they need to reach a certain destination. Still, at times they should simply move, dance, sing, do something to boost their creative energies and bring their world to balance with spontaneous movement. The most important entity in lives of those born on December 25th is the Sun.

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Proud but a bit rigid when it comes to emotional exchange, when Capricorn representatives born on December 25th fall in love, they need time to open up. Most of their primal moves will seem confident and focused, but their insecurity truly lies in the frailty of heart and they will do everything in their power to protect it from any dishonesty and pressure.

Planetary Row

Their main task is to make room for unconditional love, certain about the boundaries and fences they can create. Belief in self-protection will allow flexibility and a free emotional flow when the moment is right, instead of fear holding them behind walls against those who never endangered them in the first place.

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Communication is an extremely important part of their bonds, and the need for laughter and shared moments that bring joy needs to be put above their need for security. They are meant to seek another child at heart to connect with, someone pure and loving, so they can protect their romance in unity, instead of protecting their heart from a wrong partner. Someone born on December 25th is an incredible spokesman, profiler, a writer, and the one to use words for practical gain.

They are intelligent problem solvers, scientists, programmers, and those who fix mistakes in large systems and software that feels tedious to many others.

They excel in routines that require loads of paperwork, but truly need a job that will allow them to connect with others and work on communication skills that will become useful on a much larger scale over time. They have a message to share and need to follow their gut feeling every step of the way.

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Siberian blue quartz is an extremely good choice of crystal for someone born on December 25th. Although they will prefer all things natural, this stone represents unified work of men with nature, as it is produced by human effort in a laboratory, but still holds the aligning natural healing qualities as other gemstones. The very essence of this crystal is its pull to connect the human mind with the natural flow, and it is known to help with unbalanced conditions of the prefrontal lobes of the brain. It heals infections of the throat and the spasm of neck muscles, cleansing the throat chakra from poses and dishonesties in one's way of self-expression.

For a birthday of Capricorns born on the 25th of December, you can always choose a new book, some tools and practical gadgets, a new phone, laptop or a car. They love things they can touch and use in their everyday life. It is sometimes a good choice to ask directly what they wish to get for their birthday.

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Still, their soft side truly cherishes presents that are just a bit cheesy, little messages of love hidden on the last page of a new novel they wanted to read, and engravings that bring out the solid and deep importance of their presence in your life. Subtly show their deep, actual value.

Well-structured, intelligent individuals that are able to fix what is broken and hold on to long-term commitments and projects without restraint. They are patient planners and those who see the large map of steps towards a destination. Jumping to conclusions, overthinking and rationalizing in situations that only other people can explain, they become too strict and close their world for people who might have never betrayed them, just because they think they might.