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When you log on to Susan Millers horoscopes you can get your monthly horoscope or join the message board to get all kinds of information. You can enter the reading room and find suggestions from Susan about astrology books that you can read to get helpful advice.

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The Life and Love section of the site offers helpful tips on how to use astrology in all aspects of your daily life from dealing with co-workers to finding the right mate. There are fitness tips, vacation tips, stress reducing tips and matchmaking tips. You can read astrological weather reports to find out how the movement of the planets may be affecting you.

For example, you can find out how Mercury is influencing your life or how to deal with an eclipse of the sun or moon.

Susan Miller on Her Birth Chart

You will also have access to information about astrology itself, such as the history of astrology and the tools astrologers use to develop your personal horoscope. If you require additional information, an email address for Susan is given so that you can contact her directly.

There is also a list of the books that Susan has written. You can purchase these directly from the site or take the list with you when you go to the bookstore. Susan makes many appearances each year and is often the guest speaker at many important functions. The Forecast: Loosen the purse strings, Leo—you are about to come into a lot of money.

You could be the exception to the rule. Taking the crown from Leo, today you begin your thirteen-month reign of astrological adoration.

The Beauty Prescription: Ask yourself this: What do you want to look like when your dreams come to fruition? Perfect skin? Bombshell blowout?

And what would any red-letter day be without red lipstick? Preparing to take its turn as the astrological favorite in September —which marks the end of an eleven-year celestial cycle and the beginning of a new life chapter—today should be spent as a kind of cleanse.

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Come to a settled, balanced place—this is a great time to get new perspective on the world. The Beauty Prescription: With the day falling in your twelfth house, this is a moment for a total detox. Trade your coffee addiction for antioxidant-rich tea, start a food cleanse, or purify your skin. So after a year spent working on solitary career goals, today you should shift your focus outward.


The Forecast: Welcome to the biggest career year of your life, Sagittarius. The Beauty Prescription: Simply put: Dress for the job you want! Get serious with a sleek nape knot, groomed eyebrows, and a nude manicure. The Serengeti? The Beauty Prescription: Two words: Travel size. Be ready to hit the road when the opportunity arises, because it will. The Forecast: For you, today money will practically fall from the sky, all in one lump.